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Oringinal manufacturer of the cast iron potjie pots ,mainly exporting to the South Africa ,Mideast and Europe countries.



Potjie Pots are made in many sizes from small herb pots to large cook kettles and seasoned with an high quality wax or plant oil coating.

Pots include well-fitted lids and heavy duty carrying handles.

The round shape allows the heat to flow evenly around the sides and maintain liquids at the lowest point to keep food from burning.

The lid has a deep lip for holding hot coals providing top heat. Excellent for cooking over open fires or LP gas burners.

These Witch pots are great for indoor or outdoor cooking Cowboy style!

Used for Herb Pots to Large Sugar Kettles. Seasoned - Edible High Quality Flax Oil, Well-Fitted Lids, Heavy Duty Carrying Handles!

Potjiekos is robust, full of flavors, very healthy, but it is also a friendly and very sociable occasion. Not only is potjiekos healthy food, but it is also healthy in that it causes one to relax, be happy and enjoy good company.

Potjiekos is an experience all on its own!!

Potjiekos is really a group of good friends, a well seasoned potjie, a good beer or a fine wine, a warm fire, lots of time, fine food, herbs & spices, many tall stories and delectable aromas.

Potjiekos is an event or a gathering where good friends get together and while cooking, share the chores, pass too much advise on the potjie’s (the central theme) preparation and contents, lots of laughter and a harmonious atmosphere - potjiekos is a social & culinary event and invariably no potjiekos recipe ever tastes the same!

The pores in the cast iron capture flavors of past potjiekos adventures, which gradually get released into the potjie as the metal heats up. Most potjies taste better the next day after having “aged” overnight in the pot - but after all is said, the choice is yours as to when you choose to eat your potjie!!

Potjiekos is SLOW cooking but healthy and fun cooking, in that the method and preparation preserves all of the vital minerals and vitamins that normally get destroyed with fast food.

Because the potjie has a round belly, the liquid in the potjie will always be at the lowest point and this together with the cool heat and the round belly will cause the heat to be evenly distributed through the pot, thus preventing burning and allowing even cooking.

Potjie is always cooked over a “cool” fire (or low on the gas range) and should take at least 1 - 2 hours to completely heat up the pot and its contents. Once heated, one has to listen to the pot as it should be cooking at a slow simmer ( a whispering, gentle gurgling sound should be emanating from the interior of your pot).

Try to avoid taking the lid off the pot, except closer to the time when you are ready to serve as the domed lid is critical to the circulation of heat and steam within the pot. 

Traditionally potjiekos is a stew, made either with lamb, beef, fish or poultry but always together with vegetables. Potjie is “built” in layers with the meat and hard vegetables at the bottom of the pot and the quicker cooking vegetables towards the top.

Potjie needs lots of herbs and spices, that are best prepared from dry/ground material. The dry spices and herbs are mixed and blended to the cooks choice and will be directly related to the success and flavor of the potjie.

This dry spice/herb blend must be mixed with care and thought about how you wish your potjie to ultimately taste. Evenly spread the dry mix between the potjie layers, where it will steam until the full aromas and flavors are released into the potjiekos.

Potjie is never stirred while cooking - only just prior to serving, will you stir the potjie for the first time, blending all of the food and flavors together. After stirring , one may thicken the potjie to the consistency of your choice. Most important to remember is that vegetables create their own water and it is usually unnecessary to add any water to your pot to get it going, though if you feel that you do require a bit of liquid, use ½ a cup of either sherry, port wine or beer. 

If you are cooking potjiekos over a fire, you may place coals around the gutter in the lid, the heat will “creep” through the metal to the apex of the domed lid, giving you an evenly heated top heat source.

If cooking on the gas range, place the 3 legs over the burner and for larger pots, create a chimney effect by spanning aluminum foil around the outside of the legs (leave a 4" space open in the front so that you can see the flame).

Always remember that when handling your potjie that it is heavy (the density and evenness of the casting allows for an even heat distribution and retention (an important feature of cast iron) and if full it will weigh even more - so careful handling using the galvanized metal handle with oven mitts (when hot) is very important.

If handling larger potjies more than one bodies hands will be required to move it.

The potjie is the ultimate in alternative energy cooking because of its unique design.

Its tall legs make it ideal for setting over the coals, and works just as well over a gas range or burner.

Due to its unique shape, the potjie will absorb the maximum possible heat from the source, where other flat bottom pots will deflect unless perfectly level.


  • The 3 legs and round belly shape allows even heat distribution around the pot.

  • Maintains the liquids at the lowest point to prevent the food from burning

  • Domed lid allows for optimal internal heat circulation

  • The peripheral gutter on the lid can be used for coals.

  • The opposing side handles and thick wire lifter handles make handling easy.

  • The tall legs make it ideal for cooking directly over fire/coals or gas range.

  • Legless and flat bottom pots are also available.

Different size and model can be selected !

Branding logo letters also can be customized !

We are the original manufacturer !If there is any item interested for you ,just feel free to contact with us .Our sales team will send offer list to you as soon as get your mail .

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